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Suction systems


One of the neatest setups I have seen was in a friends dental
lab. He had scoured the classified adds and had bought 3 used
Rainbow water filtration vacuums and had mounted the units in
home made sound deadening enclosures and rewired a switch to the
bench top. He bought 3 plexiglass enclosures from Aqua-Tech
which makes a water filtration desktop suction unit(great piece
of equipment I’ve had mine about 10 yrs.) for the dental lab
industry. His vacuums are powerful! He had a 110 lb young lady
who worked for him and we needed to have her seat belted into a
bolted down chair when she used it.:). He wold empty the
reservoirs twice a week and the scrap ones he would empty into a
large shallow pan and let Ma Nature work her magic and evaporate
the water and he would then scrape the dried residue into the
refiners drum for later reclamation.

Skip Meister
NRA Endowment and