Successful promotions or advertising strategies

Hi. My name is Debbie Yonick and I am a freelance jewelry writer. I
am working on a bench column for the new magazine, Jewellery
Business Canada, and I thought it would be interesting to do my first
bench column for the pub on how custom jewelers promote their bench
and custom work. Wondering if you could share a few thoughts on the
topic for this tips column???

Successful promotions or advertising strategies, successful PR
actions and the like.

I’m on deadline in a post JCK Show frenzy if anyone is able to
respond to my email directly @Deborah_Yonick I would be forever
grateful. Or let me know a good time to phone you. Please indicate
your company name, city and state located, and full name of company
principal and his/her title. I also welcome any images you could
email that would illustrate your examples ,or product shots.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Deborah Yonick