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Substitute for Sparex

Here we go again. Like others, I have become dissatisfied with
Sparex. Remembering recent discussions on the subject,I went to my
local pool supply house and asked for “sodium bisulfite”. I was told
all they had was a product containing “sodium bisulfate”. Where did I
go wrong? If I did in fact ask for the proper chemical,where else can
it be found? I’ve searched the archives and have not been able to
pull up the recent postings.Any and all help will be greatly appreciated.
John Barton,Images By JJ

John, The product I use is called “Lo 'n Slo” Balancer by BioGuard.
It is 93.2% Sodium bisulfate and 6.8% Inert ingredients. It is for
lowering pool pH. Bought it at the local pool supply store. Works
fine for me.

Jim Marotti
Lancaster, TN

I dont think you did. check the percentage. it’s probably close
enough to pure to use. They are pool guys, after all, and not
jewelers or chemists.

I have a big bottle from a hardware store that was going ouut of
business - so it was half of the already cheap price. and it does
not seem to make that brown oily gunk that sparex has been

good luck gregor

Swimming pool acid will Rust all your Tools. Bill D.

John, Sodium Bisulfate IS Sparex #2. The chemical is NaHSO4. (Jewelry
Concepts & Technology, O. Untracht, p.420) So their stuff is the right
stuff. How did the price compare?
Gary Strickland, GJG

As always you great people of Orchid come through.Thanks to all who
helped me realize the correct chemical for a substitute for
Sparex.This organization was certainly appropriately named
"Orchid",something rare and beautiful.Thanks again,John Barton, Images By JJ

You bet it will… if it’s the liquid muriatic (hydrochloric).

They are discussing the dry sodium bisulfate granules - which is the
same chemical as that used in “Sparex” - at one tenth the price of
the “jewelers” brand…

Brian P. Marshall