Subscribing Art Jewelry Magazine

Does anyone subscribe to Art Jewelry? I’m wondering how it went
getting your subscription started. I subscribed through a 3rd party
(Delta Publishing) with my credit card being charged on September 25
and I have yet to get any magazines from them!! I’ve written several
times and they tell me various things that sound like excuses, and
now they are sending me copies of something called Fine Scale
Modeler which they say I subscribed to over the internet with a
Master Card number xxxx (never mind that I’ve never had a master

It seem clear that things are some how mixed up behind the scenes,
since they have my address to send me the unwanted mag, but they
keep telling me its not their problem cause I’ve used an
"unauthorized" agent.

Any thoughts?

thanks -


Your problem is with the 3rd party, not with Art Jewelry, in my
opinion. Too many of the 3rd party “subscription services” are really
ripoffs. Contact Delta and demand a resolution. Then contact your
credit card company to report the problem and the merchant and see if
any remedies are available this far out (some things have to be
reported in a “timely” manner).

It seems to me that it’s best to handle subscriptions either
directly through the publication or through a tried-and-true third
party like Amazon.

Couldn’t hurt to also report to Mastercard that you are receiving an
unwanted publication that they are saying is through your
Mastercard, just to make sure there isn’t any identity theft involved
(yours or anyone else’s)!

Not fun, for sure!
Karen Goeller

I did reply to this yesterday, but for some reason it didn’t make it
onto the digest. I am having the same problem with Jewelry Artist

I paid for and ordered a two year subscription to Jewelry Artist in
October and have still not received a single magazine. First of all,
when I ordered it, they said to expect a wait of about four to six
weeks for delivery of the first issue, then when that deadline
passed I emailed them and they said “you were told to expect a wait
of six to eight weeks”. This is not true but anyway I waited some
more and emailed them again when that deadline passed. They then told
me that my subscription was to start with the January 2008 issue and
finish with the December 2009 issue and as such should wait a little
longer. Well, still nothing so I emailed them again and they said it
must have been lost in the post so they’ve sent me another and I
should wait four to six weeks for that!

I’ve contacted them repeatedly but still nothing’s arrived through
the letterbox.


Hi Helen, I ordered the magazine in October or November and I
received the first issue today. I live in Oregon, USA. So maybe you
shoud be getting yours soon. Good Luck Vince LaRochelle