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Subcontracting casting and finishing

Hi all! I am looking for recommendations for a job shop that will
cast and finish sterling and 14k gold production pieces. Maybe do
some assembling, too. I really want to find someone trustworthy who
won’t “borrow” my designs or “lend” them to a jewelry manufacturing
friend. I have a casting company that I love - Quality Castings in
NYC - but they don’t do finishing. If anyone know of a reputable
contractor please let me know. And if they are in the New York area
that would be even better. Thanks. Jill

Hi Jill, We do contract casting , finishing, some assembly, soldering
etc… for many designers .We also do model work when neccessary to
refine your models and some cnc model work . Mostly, we are very
helpful to designers in getting their products to look good at a
reasonable cost so that they can make a decent profit on their

Please contact us off list at Daniel Grandi
Racecar Jewelry Co. Inc. 52 Glen Rd. Cranston, RI. 02920
Tel: 401-461-7803

Jill, I have posted this before but here goes again. You absolutely
can’t go wrong with Daniel Grandi At Racecar Jewelry. He isn’t in
NY but Cranston, RI. It doesn’t matter, he is available by phone
and email. He is helpful with everything from model making to
finishing your cast pieces. I just cast a silver design for the
first time in gold and because I’m not set up for gold fabrication
here, he even soldered on the earring posts for me. All the usual
disclaimers, no financial interest just a satisfied customer.