Subcontracting a CAD Project

Hi All, I know there has been a lot of CAD discussion lately, which I
found interesting, but was unable to follow totally. I am interested
in finding someone who will do some work for a special detailed
project. I need to duplicate a logo in a 3D and cast it in metal.

If you do work for other folks, kindly drop me an email.

Mary Ann Archer

I do contract 3D CAD modeling for jewelers for milling, rapid
prototyping, and do milling in house.

My email: jeffery at iowatelecom dot net

You can see some of my work in the gallery if Hanuman has put in my
recent several submissions. There’s about 3 very old submissions

Jeffrey Everett

Try contacting Brain DiNola at jbd Studio, he is a subcontractor of
CAD and rendering for not only the jewelry industry but any field
that may need CAD services. He is extremely knowledgeable in CAD
and can do things that many other say can’t be accomplished, he has
even figures out a clever way to finish thermal plastic models to
get a better cast finish and to illuminate problems when cast them
into platinum. Give him a call or email him. He does have small
web site but I don’t know the address, He can even be reached at
215-493-1300 or at

May I suggest Post Modern design? Raffi- 213-624-4567 He is at 640
South Hill Street, LA, Ca.

Daniel Ballard