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Stuller's Laser training

In responce to the “Big Daddy” posting on Stuller’s laser training
as being not quite what he was expecting, I have say that I came out
of the training with a completlely different feeling. I went to
Stuller for 2 days and got trained rather well. I was pleased with
the one on one training and the progressive projects. As easy as
lasers are to operate there is a learing curve that can be
accelrated with some helpful hints that only someone who has
experience can offer. The problem that people have with lasers for
the first time, are issues of using too much voltage. Low energy
welds seem to really work well and I never would have gotten that if
I didn’t get trained.

Thanks Elizebeth and Andy for helping me with my new laser. As
Geller said if you are thinking about it stop and just go buy one,
it will pay for itself.

Scott Isaacs
Berry’s Jewelry Nashville,TN