Stuller web order problem

I am not complaining about Stuller in any way. I had a strange
experience with ordering on the web.

I have been ordering for several years through the website.
Yesterday I put one item in my cart for $5.88. I wait until I have
enough items to spread the shipping out over several items.

I went home, checked my emails, and had one from Stuller that my
order was confirmed. I had not placed the order. In order to do that,
you have to hit the checkout button, and then choose Order Now or
Schedule. I had done neither. The buttons for the pages are in
different places on the pages, so I could not have inadvertently
clicked twice and ordered.

When I came to to work today, the Stuller page was on the cart page.
This means I had not gone to the page to select Order Now or
Schedule. I called them and they will split the shipping.

Makes me feel crazy as I know they show I placed the order at 6:05
p.m., this means the Schedule Order option was chosen. I was not on
the Stuller website again yesterday after putting that item in the

I had placed an order the previous day using the Schedule Order
option. This would have emptied the cart after the order was
confirmed. I am assuming that no one using Stuller web ordering has
ever had an issue like this?

Richard Hart G.G.
Denver, Co. 80210

Richard, that’s a strange one. Have you talked with Stuller? I’ve
been with them for years and been ordering on-line the past 10 yrs or
so. Never had such an issue.

Don in SOFL