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Hi, I couldn’t help but notice that you’ve listed a few catalogs I’ve
never heard of. I, too am basically a one person operation, with
apprentice, and would appreciate knowing of other places to order from
other than Rio, Hauser, or Borel and Frei. I’ve never heard of Stuller,
Tripps, or Fargotstein. Could you please send me Ph.#'s so I too, could
get catalogs. Much appreciated, Lisa Hawthorne

The Ganoksin Project

Stuller: 800-877-7777

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<< Could you please send me Ph.#'s so I too, could
get catalogs. Much appreciated, Lisa Hawthorne >>

Dear Lisa

The key is shopping around. But remember the lowest price is not always the
best. If you have to spend time cleaning mold seperation lines out of
findings then the lower price is not really a bargan after all. Here are
some suppliers I have found to be consistantly of good quality and service.
Stuller Settings ( Findings, metal, finished goods, mountings, stones) 1
(800) 877-7777 302 Rue Louis XIV Po box 52583 Lafayette, LA 70505-2583

Southeastern Findings / Nomino( Findings and mounts from southeastern and
great diamond prices from Nomino) 1 (800) 241-8331

Rochester Findings ( Findings and some stones ) 1(800) 422-7624

Overnight Mountings - a division of ALA castings a really huge findings co
( mountings no findings) 1 (888) 731- 1111

The Neti Co. ( finished goods) 1(800) 334-6384

Quality gold of Cincinnati ( Charms, chains, mounted goods,) 1 (800)

Sidney Schlusselberg ( Low prices on diamonds mounted and loose ) 1 (800)

Hoover & Strong ( Anything in metal check here first because people like
Stuller and Southeastern buy a lot of their inventory from them. They are
also very honest about refining sweeps, in my opinion.) 1 (800) 759-9997

I have bought from each of these companies and even worked for two of
them. They all have been very good sources from my personal experience.
Just remember you get what you pay for.