Stuller does not accept credit cards

I have just received a letter from Stuller saying that they only
receive wire transfers for payments–no credit cards. Do all of you
who buy from Stuller pay with wire transfers??

Janet in Jerusalem

I think its because you are from Overseas.

Ahmed Shareek

Hi Janet,

I use Stuller. They take my credit card, in fact they have it on
file for speedy orders. Have they told you this because you are not
ordering from within the US

Alexis Romeo
Rochester, NY

I have an open account, but used to pay with a credit card. I think a
lot has to do with your location, (outside the US.)


Do all of you who buy from Stuller pay with wire transfers?? 

No, I have 30 day terms and pay with a check.

Daniel R. Spirer, G.G.

I haven’t received said letter but I am in the US. Perhaps Stuller
was getting burned by credit card fraud from high fraud countries
like Nigeria and has had to change their policies. That’s a shame it
creates a hardship on you because of misdeeds of others.

Rick Copeland
Silversmith and Lapidary Artisan
Rocky Mountain Wonders
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Janet, It may be your location. Stuller has honored my credit card
for years. They also have eventually given me an open account. Don’t
they has an office in your location?

Regards, Craig

Hi Janet!

I haven’t bought anything from Stuller personally but my associate
has (we share the same workshop shop space in my home) and I don’t
recall him saying anything about having to do a wire transfer for
payment. But we live in New Mexico and I’ll assume you live in
Israel, though you didn’t specify what nation you’re in.

I’m wondering if you got that letter from Stuller due to the
unfortunate circumstances that are happening in that general area of
the world.


I have been a Stuller customer for many years and they keep my cc# on
file and I use it for all orders. The travel points do add up to
quite a bit every year.

Joel Schwalb

You are right, we accept credit cards. It is a policy for wire
transfers from overseas.

Andy The Tool Guy Kroungold
Director of Tools Sales/Stuller Bench

Hi Janet,

I’ve always purchased through Stuller using a credit card. Could be
your location in Jerusalem. Perhaps international orders require

Erich C. Shoemaker
Erich Christopher Designs


Don’t take it personally. I think it probably reflects a trend for
companies to protect themselves against overseas credit card fraud.
Call their accounting office and point out your past purchases and
ask them to make an exception.

James S. Cantrell CMBJ

I live outside the US and I have no problem paying with a CC to
Stuller. Phone them, they a nice bunch of people.


I got the same letter and I was pretty surprised so I have the same
question. Also I have noticed that prices are going up and up at Rio
on the products I buy from them. Has anyone else noticed this or is
it just related to the products I am buying? With all the talk about
us going into inflation I shouldn’t be surprised but seriously I have
seen increased prices more in the jewelry industry than I have at the
grocery store and I’m not just talking about gold and platinum. What


Dear Orhidians,

Thanks for all of your replies!

I did tell Stuller that my purchases would be with a California
credit card from a major US bank, and that my orders would be
shipped to the card’s Calif billing address or to another US
address, to be picked up by private courier to be brought back to
Israel. This is the way I purchase gold and silver from Rio. So it
is no different from any other US order—shouldn’t make any
difference to them where it goes after they deliver it…:-)… In
any case, at least one poster did say that he uses his credit card
from abroad…

Actually, I just wanted to see on their website if they carry
palladium white gold tubing with specific internal and external
diameters because Rio didn’t…I was denied access to the
on the Stuller site and seem to have ended up in this
somewhat time-consuming venture…:-)…

Janet in Israel