Studios Changes - Please help

I have been teaching in a county facility for a little over a
year. The studio is fully equipped, providing everything from a
casting room to saw blades for anyone who uses the metals area.
The problem I am having concerns two main safety issues. Issue #1 -
The soldering area is in the middle of the room, about 10 feet from
an overhead vent. I would like to move the soldering equipment to
the counter directly under the vent. Issue #2 - The height of the
neycraft casting machine is too high. It sits on a counter that is
aprox. 32" tall. Making the barrel of the centrifuge too high to
comfortably and safely cast. Now, these safety problems may seem to
be easily solved with a bit of common sense. Well, as I said, I
work for the county government, and this makes a simple resolution
really difficult. One of the other instructors, who has 13 years
seniority, is diametrically opposed to ANY changes, no matter how
practical. In order for these safety issues to be corrected I
need to go before the other instructors, my manager and her
supervisors in a formal meeting and make my case. What I have been
doing is collecting, from as many sources as I can, evidence that
supports these changes.

I have been requesting this meeting formally since last May, so I
don’t have any idea when any of this research will be called upon,
but I would like to get a response as soon as conveniently
possible. Thank you. My Email address is

Hi Folks,

One of the greatest casting wells in the world is the tub from old
Speed King brand washers. The porcelain coated ones work too but
the stainless steel ones are by far the super-bestist:)!



                                  Skip Meister
                                NRA Endowment and

I used to work in simalar conditions. I tried reasoning, which
didn’t work. What eventually changed their mind was the thought
of a patron suing them. If they know of the dangers and do
nothing that, would hurt their chances in a suit. As far as the
casting machine went, I saw some old heavy solid wood banquit
tables they were discarding. I grabbed one and shortened the legs
to where it was comfortable to work. Do you do all the casting
for the class, or do you let others do their own? Height might
make a difference with other using the equiptment.

The biggest problems I had was lack of funds. If I could show
them a way to do it free or very cheap, they would “work with me”.

Good luck

Steve Ramsdell