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Studios and classes in L.A

Hello everyone. I am a jeweler living in Boston, but moving to LA in
September. I’d love any info on the following:

First, any suggestions on lining up studio space? It’s nearly
impossible to find studio space in Boston while you live here, so I’m
worried about finding it across the country. I’m particularly worried
about having lag time without space when I get there.

Second, I’m looking for good classes. I’ve seen some postings about
beginners classes in LA, but I’d like to find classes that are more
advanced. Nothing special-just not beginner level. It would be great
to know about places that offer a lot of studio time if you take
classes there, especially if I don’t find my own studio right away
(see above)! I’d also like to find an actual school, not tiny classes,
since I hope to meet some people through the classes, as well as learn
new stuff. If there is anything equivalent to Mass Art or the Museum
School here, I’d love to know.

Really, any leads about moving my little business to LA would be

Thanks so much.
ali friedman