Studio ventilation

Ventilation is being discussed in few different current topics.

I’m not sure how this post will appear. It may link up with the post I have in mind, or that may have to be searched for. If interested, use the search function (magnifying glass icon) at top right to find “Studio ventilation 101”. It is a long post so I won’t quote it all, but it starts like this:

“As a former practicing professional engineer, I want to convey some important about studio safety regarding ventilation systems. Previous to my metalsmithing career, I designed mechanical systems for hospitals and labs - including the Mayo Clinic. I have designed systems to exhaust everything from toxic chemicals to aerosolized human tissue in operating rooms. Having read a number of different posts here on Ganoksin about studio ventilation, I have developed some guidelines that you can apply to create the best system for your studio.”

It is worth reading.

Neil A


Neil…how might I find the guidelines you are talking about? I am in the middle of setting up my studio and your work would help me considerably. Thanks for the help.

Sorry…I found it.