Studio space

Hello: I have been on the Orchid list on and off for the last couple of
years. I am a metalsmith/jewelry designer living in NYC ( I also
occasionally take on freelance graphic jobs too). I am trying to find new
studio space somewhere in NYC. Currently I live and work in the East
Village. If anyone is looking to share their space with someone I have
lots and lots of very cool tool along with camera and computer equipment I
may be willing to share!!!

you can email me off list

Greetings, If you live in the area near Carlsbad, CA., and need studio
space, I am about to lease a store in The Village where we will have 1
or 2 artists plus me, (I am a silver smith). We will then be able to
create and market our art in the same location. There will be
consignment art of all media as well. You can rent a space monthly or
yearly as needed. There will be no commission on art you sell at this
location, but space may be limited. E mail me for details. Josh

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