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Studio lighting

Hey Jewelers,

I have a question and would love your insights…

If you could build your studio from scratch, what sort of lighting/lighting fixtures would you want?


As for me, who is a Diamond Setter, I would suggest a 3-bar, Fluorescent lamp over your bench-pin area.
One bar will cause you to have a great deal of eye-strain, each lamp gives a 16 “oscillating beats a second”. Two bars will cancel each other, but there will be some delayed eye-strain.
The 3-bar lamp is the ‘best’, as all 3 will not give you any eye-strain for long periods of working. Hoping that this is well understood!!!
Next, I would again suggest a ceiling fixture, that is “just back from the overhead position”. Too much lighting to your bench is not always the best, you might have too much glare bouncing around your bench area. Lighting is the most important item in your new office.
I wish you the best in your lighting set-up. Gerry Lewy


I have installed 7 four foot 2 tube LED fixtures near the ceiling for general lighting and a number of spot LEDs on those areas where I need to do close work: soldering bench, polishing hood, layout and inspection bench, engraving bench. I still do final inspections in daylight…Rob


Thank you so much for this generous, informative response, Gerry!

Thank you, Rob! This is so helpful.

I recently upgraded all our lighting to 5600K flat panel LED’s, it’s the equivalent of daylight and is adjustable for brightness.


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My lighting is LED at all stations. Tubes and spots. My bench lights have the capability to show light in several varieties. I can switch to incandescent if I choose. But sunlight is my favorite. I just can’t dial it back when I want to anneal or solder.


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Hi Gerry @gerrylewy18
Is this the kind you mean: 3-Tube Econo Fluorescent Light | Gesswein

Many options depending on the studio…just be sure to get LED, 5000K. Any fluorescent is outdated technology and has limitations that are not found with LED. Vera