Student's work

This a student finishing a bezel set crystal ball in a ring. The way
the flash caught the ball is fascinating. He is using a barrette file
to even up the bezel prior to polishing. This is the first stone he
set. It is far from perfect, but for a first set it is quite

His girlfriend loved it.


Richard, that is nice, I really like that. Tell him to keep making


Hi Sam

sadly he has moved 500 miles away. To be with his girlfriend. Such
is love.


I finally have a photo worth posting.

It is of a student finishing a rock crystal ball, bezel set. He is
using a series of barette files that have been polished on the sides
so as not to scratch the stone .0 to 3. Then the bezel is polished
with tripoli and then hyfin. These crystal balls light up at night
when the light hits them at an oblique angle.

all the best