Student Ambitions (was: Working At Home)

G’day Tigger; why not put some of your work in the Orchid
Gallery so we can all see it and go ‘wow!’ ?

Catch me in ten years when I can call myself a REAL
jeweller, instead of a wannabe student. :slight_smile: On that note… my
work and an article written by me is being featured in the next
issue of the Metal Arts Guild magazine (an Ontario-based
publication). They’re doing a series on students… so while I
have no pics of my stuff of my own, you are (all) invited to take
a glance and email me privately with your puking noises. Or
helpful comments. :slight_smile: I am always eager to learn from
professionals of my chosen career.

I do hope your comment was in the best of humour, John? I

didn’t mean to come across as too big for my britches. I know I’m
just a student.

							-Kieran Dewhurst

P.S. The pics are in black and white. That black spot… uhh… it’s
patination! Yeah!