Strongest Weaving Thread


I have an odd question I have been researching for a couple weeks
now. I am looking for a new weaving material I currently use nylon
thread with beads that are about.9 mm in diameter and drop beads. I
would like to weave with a a"thread" that will support a diamond
bead. The thread has to be thin enough to go thru a hole 2 times in a
bead whose diameter is .9 mm or less. I have been researching thin g.
wire (not flexible enough) thin stainless steel cable wire (can’t
find it thin enough) and kevlar thread. I cannot find a lot on Kevlar

If anyone has any thoughts or ideas, I would love to hear them…


Beadalon or SoftFlex doesn’t make a strand small enough?


Rio has a beading thread called Dandyline that is extremely strong
and comes amazingly thin. I used it to string a strand of rubies
with tiny holes that had chewed up everything I’d tried to string it

Janet Kofoed

Kevlar has a habit of cutting itself when tied - I don’t recommend
it. There are three products that may work for you.

  1. SoftTouch in a 0.010 thickness is the finest of the flexible
    stringing wires and will be the most cut-resistant of the three
    products I’ll recommend.

  2. PowerPro is a fishing product. Your local bead store will have a
    white version available, otherwise it will be green or a vivid
    flourescent yellow (icky). Get the 10 pound test weight - it works
    well with seed beads for multiple passes.

  3. FireLine, another fishing product. FireLine is a smoky grey color
    or a “crystal” translucent pale white color. It won’t drape quite as
    easily as the PowerPro but it is thinner (get either the 6 pound fine
    or the 4 pound extra fine weights for small bead work) and it will
    easily thread through a #12 beading needle. The Power Pro will only
    thread through a #10 needle fairly easily.

Feel free to Email me off list if you have additional questions and
good luck with the project.

BBR - Sandi Graves, Beadin’ Up A Storm
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St Paul, Minnesota (USA)