Stripping varnished copper wire

G’day; Now this is going to make all you safety concious folk
positively shudder. When we needed to bare varnish-insulated copper
wire to make lead/tin soldered connections, we used to have on a hot
plate, a small porcelain basin (known in labs as a evaporating basin)
containing about 6 cms or so of concentrated sulphuric acid. We
dipped the end of the wires into the hot acid, hold it for about 5
seconds then into a bath of washing soda, dry on an old cloth. Never
any difficulty in getting the solder to ‘take’! And nobody ever got
hurt. Only the good die young. (Why I’m 82)

Cheers for now,
John Burgess; @John_Burgess2 of Mapua, Nelson NZ