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Stringing emerald beads

I am working on a necklace of emerald and 14kt gold beads. Would I
do better to string this on silk and knot between beads, or to
string it on Soft Touch? Any suggestions? I like the idea of knots
between beads for security, but am concerned about whether the
emeralds will degrade the silk.

Beth in SC

Beth - I’ve ranted on this subject before and, no doubt, there will
be other opinion, but I am a believer in, and practitioner of the
classic technique of knotting silk. It speaks of attention to detail,
plus appropriate respect for the presentation and protection (from
abrasion) of your beads, especially in the service of a higher end
product. And you are also right to consider the security factor. Just
because a material/technique is faster and easier to use, it doesn’t
translate to a better finished product…

Good luck and make it pretty,

Margery Epstein in L.A., who just delivered a specially designed
piece to Viggo Mortensen (Aragorn - Lord of the Rings) - Gotta love a
man who can wear jewelry and make it look cool… :o}