Stringing Black Diamonds

Margery & Betty,

It was clear from your post that you are unfamiliar with Fireline.
First, it’s not clear, nor is it used customarily for the temporary
stringing of beads. It’s a dark gray.

Yes, I know that you are right about strands strung on traditional
clear fishing line coming undone. Believe me, I have first hand
experience with that. (You are right about the fact that they only
come undone after 2:00 a.m.)

However, Fireline is different. It does not deteriorate. In fact,
it’s a great stringing material. In fact, it’s so strong that normal
scissors cannot cut it. (I used some extra sharp ones that were akin
to razor blade like-knives - special ones.)

Yes, your advice about putting a smooth edged bead on each side of
the sharp edged one is excellent advice. However, you should not
need to do so with Fireline, it’s so strong.

Frankly, I doubt that any bead, even with a sharp edges, can cut the

Give it a try. I had not done so previously, but was extremely
impressed once I tried it. It was truly the best string I’ve ever
used. (Of course, keep in mind that I used a very heavy version - 20
lb. test.)

Sun Country Gems