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Stringing Black Diamond Beads


I recently got fed up with Beadalon crimps giving way and did not
have time to knot silk (plus it stretches and sometimes breaks), so I
recently tried stringing a necklace with 20 lb. Fireline (fishing
line.) In lighter weights, 6-10 lb., it is commonly used for seed
beads and Delica beads. Since I happened to have the 20 lb. on hand,
and I was working with big heavy beads, it turned out to be just
right for my application. I would think that the lighter weight
would be perfect for diamond beads. It is thin, strong, can be
knotted, and you don’t even need a needle to string it most of the
time. (I used a needle a couple times when the fit through the bead
hole was tight.) I was so happy with the way everything came
together with this string, I can’t recommend it enough. It drapes
beautifully. The color does not impact the beauty of the beads
either. You can find it at your local Walmart in the sporting goods
(fishing) section.

You can see the results here:

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Sun Country Gems

The only caution I would offer to stringing on the fishing line
(this really is good stuff, btw), is that if you’re using sharp-edged
beads, such as metal or crystal and perhaps the diamond beads as
well, to cushion the beads before and after with a bead that is known
to have smooth edges. If a pair of scissors can cut the line, so
surely can sharp edges of some beads.

For what it’s worth…