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Stretchy cord for high end bracelet?

I am making a hollow form bead bracelet. I want it to slide on the
wrist without a clasp. I want the clean look of the shapes going all
the around the wrist without a toggle or box clasp etc. (I always
fabricate my own clasps…but this time I don’t want any clasp).

I bought some 1mm Stretch Magic jewelry cord from Rio (page 398 of
their gems&findings catalog) and the crimps to hold it together. But
as I am playing with it I find if I stretch it, it is no longer 1mm,
but .78mm and longer! It appears to not come back to it’s original
dimensions. Sorta like old underpants elastic.

Since this bracelet will probably retail at apx $450 I don’t want a
piece of elastic cord in it that won’t last.

I am looking for some sexy high tech look that is also durable. Any
ideas for alternate materials?



What about using beads that have clasps hidden inside them? Or a
magnetic clasp? I would not use the Stretch Magic for a high end
bracelet. Water, body oils, and sweat all make the elastic wear down.


Hi Carla,

Using a crimp with a stretchy cord will eventually result in
breakage of the bracelet. Same with using any type of glue to secure
your knot. (It is my understanding that the chemicals in super glues
eat into stretch cord and make it brittle.) Stretch Magic is soooo
tempting to use for so many good reasons, alas, the one drawback it
has is that it will always break in the long run.

I know you’re looking for alternatives to using a clasp, but what
about designing a clasp that looks like a bead since you already know
how to fabricate? A hidden clasp might be a bit of a challenge, but
well worth the effort if you can retail the bracelet at $450. You
could also use it as a selling point.

Good luck,
Tracy’s Treasures