Strawberry quartz photos

Hello Fellow Orchidinites,

I haven’t stopped in for awhile and I thought it was time to pay a

Awhile back we had a lively discussion on STRAWBERRY QUARTZ and the
recent glass imitations being sold as “strawberry quartz”. I first
reported this after the 2003 Tucson February show. During the course
of the discussion I received a couple of requests for pictures
showing legitimate strawberry quartz.

Well I finally have them and they are posted on my website under the
“photos” link at the top of each page. Or just click or copy and
paste this link : Briolette Photos, Page 1

There are two photos of strawberry quartz from Kazakhstan. The best
one is on the right side and about 6 photos down.

I also posted a recent article from the last issue of the
Mineralogical Record I wrote about my exploits mining amethyst in
Veracruz, Mexico. There are some good photos and maybe you’ll find
this interesting too.

Best regards to all, hope to see you in Tucson at the GJX # 700.
Have a happy 2004.

Steve Green
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