Strange ring

My daughter called from NZ and described a ring as follows: It
comprised two rings, one of which sat in the usual place on the
finger with the other on the same finger above the knuckle. The two
rings were joined by some structure on each side which was hinged to
allow the finger to bend (too bad if it slips around your finger).
It sounds to me more like a medical prosthesis than a piece of
jewelry, but there is no accounting for taste. Has anyone out there
seen or heard of such a ring?

Regards Eric @efgriff

Tons of them. Lots are made to look like plate armor, others like
something made of dragon bones with the skull and all and a claw on
the finger tip. Very big with the Goth crowd. Some are just over
the one knuckle, others are the whole finger (two joints). Just
cross gothic medeival with HR Giger and you have the right mindset
for them. :slight_smile:

Here’s one to look at, trust me, there’s lots out there I just don’t
have time to dig around much. :slight_smile:

I don’t know how in the world they manage to figure out the sizing
though, having to fit a finger in two or three places how can they
mass produce them? (Asks the woman that started making jewelry
because those size 13.5 rings are kinda rare!)

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Dear Eric I have seen that type of ring in a movie called Hackers
that is the only place I have ever seen such a design …and it looks
more like armour then a medical device hope that helps Ron

hi! (my 1st email&i can’t type either) i think your daughter is
describing a ‘finger armor’ ring from the new trend of gothic-inspired
jewelry.most of these rings are exported from Bali.a friend of mine
asked me to help her daughter find a similar one to it that she had
seen for sale in Germany.there are adds for them in the Lapidary
Journal.good luck…a.s.

I’ve seen such pieces here…seems the younger people like this kind
of adornment and yes, it does look like something made for bracing
purposes…I haven’t made any as yet, so I have no idea of how they
are made. I have seen the type that go all the way up the finger
jointed at each knuckle…Char

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this made me giggle, cause due to “trigger finger” my middle finger
of right hand sticks bent sometimes…and springs up at the oddest
times. try explaining that…

i made a ring out of heavy sterling silver half round, that is a
spiral that starts just under the fingernail and extends down to end
of finger. two tiny loops one at each end and it completes the
thing. i have even threaded on a charm or dangle… and the best
part is it gives a bit of stability to the finger and rarely sticks
now…but i digress…

i was in the hospital a couple weeks ago, and the priest came
through, doing the blessing of the sick, he pickedup my hand and
dropped it fast, said in a choaked voice…“what is that thing on
your finger…” i swallowed and said, “um, jewelry? it’s a

poor little guy almost ran out of the room and i did get the
communion 3 times in a six day stay…i guess he felt i needed extra
help for my jewelry judgement… oh, i did have jon bring all my
silver wire and supplies to the room and had a great time making some
new stuff. one necklace is a thick band of fine silver using the
afghan stitch, about 3/4’’ wide, and i wired cab’s onto it, the
center pear shape aqua is offset to lower… amber, jade garnet, onyx
turquoise moss agate and lapis i was so proud…jon came in
and patted me on the head and said, “You have been on drugs, haven’t


I saw something on a customer at the Baltimore Worldcon last year
that sounds similar. She explained that she was wearing them to keep
her fingers straight due to her very bad arthritis. They were actually
quite pretty (silver, looking like very simple versions of the armor
rings that others have described).

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