Storage of Combustible Gases

Ernest, There are many Orchid participants who promote their own
products here and there’s nothing wrong with that; in fact I’ve
learned a lot from many of them. But I have to question your sudden
presence here on the same day that I received unsolicited email about
Spirflame. I have no doubt that many others on this list received
your advertisement as well, and I, for one, have a problem with
anyone who uses this forum as a resource for proliferating spam:
That’s not what it’s here for.

There are several ways you can reach this audience without spamming.
One is to continue posting, share your knowledge, and include your
contact in your signature, as many others do. Another
would be to buy advertising space on Ganoksin and help support Orchid
at the same time. Sending unsolicited email to the people whose
addresses you lifted from this list, however, is not okay in my
opinion, regardless of the merit of your product.

WHAT surprises me in the Ganoksin discussions, nobody talks on the
safe solution using JIT gas production.

There have been many discussions on Orchid about the use of hydrogen
torches. Perhaps one of the reasons why none (that I can remember)
has mentioned Spirflame, regardless of its presumed efficacy, is that
the complete kit costs in the neighborhood of $4000!


... I, for one, have a problem with anyone who uses this forum as a
resource for proliferating spam: That's not what it's here for. 

Beth, I could not agree more, although I did not miss the oportunity
to go look. Which makes me ponder as to the “laws” regarding spam or
unsolicited email. North American standards which are more “net
etiquette” state that this is prohibited. The inclusion of a “remove
me” link or process is necessary. How does the rest of the world

Jonathan Brunet
Montreal, Canada


About 20 years ago I was a sailor in the US Navy submarine service.

We had multi cell electrolytic generators that are closely related
to the machines you produce that were used to make oxygen for us to
breathe (we disposed of the hydrogen overboard as it was not needed)
. We had a nickname for the machine it was called “The Bomb” the
reason for this is at least one had malfunctioned (on a different
submarine than the one I was on) and killed the tech operating it
when it blew up. Now I know about the differences between what your
company sells to jewelers and the machine I am referring to is the
operating pressure and volume of gas but they both produce a
potentially explosive gas mixture and if the safety systems break
down then the danger of fire or explosion is still there so while
your machine removes the danger of high pressure gas storage it is
still an explosion or fire hazard if it is improperly maintained or
it malfunctions. Lets not forget the aditional chemical burn hazard
of handling the potassium hydroxide electrolyte that your machine
requires for which you publish a MSDS at so I think it
is a little disingenuous to say how much safer it is than compressed
gas it just has different safety issues.

So if you want to join into discussions and provide information

(your post does have some really good info in it) on the virtues of
JIT gas generation please do but leave the advertising hype at
home. Many of us have used water torches and I for one would love
one but the initial cost is quite high and that is probably the
reason most of us don’t have one at our bench.