Stone suppliers - England

If you are thinking of importing stones from abroad into the UK (and
there can be very good reasons for wanting to do that), don’t forget
that we still have the Olde Custome of imposing import duty on most
items, and VAT too. It can still be worthwhile though, especially if
there is no local source. –

Kevin (NW England, UK)

Hi ALL There is no import duty on stones brought into the UK only VAT
. We have brought in stones from all over the world and the main
problem is the form filling whitch can take time ,or can cost alot if
you use an import agent .You can bring in from the EC without an
problems ,India is the worst place in the world to import from .I am
off to the far east in a few days time if you would like me to look
for anything mail me or ring 01274 690570.

David Sheard LA Sheard England