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Stone setting with titanium

I wonder if there is anyone out there who can help me with a problem
i have, what i would like to be able to do is put some stones in my
titanium rings but i do’nt know how if someone is able to help i
would be most grateful or if they could work with me anything would
be good.

many thanks Barry

There is a patented product in the marketplace that is called
"Unilock" from Stone Set Technologies. They are in Florida. 888
201-3586. 954-565-4979. You will speak with Allen. This system of
stone setting allows you to preset your stones in their product and
then easily affix it to your design without solder.

Barry, while titanium is pretty tough, you can set stones in it.
Bead setting works fine, as does burnishing in/hammering in flush set
stones. If you want to do raised bezels, then you’ve got the problem
of attaching them, but it can be done. You could, for example, rivet
a silver or gold closed back bezel cup to a titanium ring. Or, I
seem to recall someone once made fusion welding bezel cups you could
fusion weld to titanium. Or, if you have access to a laser welder,
you could just fabricate titanium bezels and weld them on with the
laser. Same thing with prongs… It’s tricker, perhaps, but not

Flush setting or bead setting, though needing some muscle, does work
just fine. Note that if you’re setting diamonds (which are
electrically conductive, than anodizing the titanium after it’s set
will give uneven colors right around the stones, since the diamonds
will act as a bit of a current sink. You get around that by stopping
off the diamonds before anodizing. (fingernail polish works)


I have wondered the same thing. I’ve only done 1 ring but it was a
pain. The way I did it was to make a press fit of about .0005 inches,
any more and the stone would break. It seems very durable, I haven’t
been able to get it to come out but it’s hard to get such a precise
fit with the varying sizes of stones.