Stone setting with graver-max

I have been working in all precious metals for some years, but have
not had any formal training in stone setting. I’ve been setting basic
collet settings and round flush settings for a while, and am
confident in doing so. I have been thinking of upgrading my tools
and wondered about using a ‘graver-max’ or such other machine to help
set stones quickly and accurately. Has anyone any advice as to how
easy it is to get used to this type of setting method?

thanks for any help -

Paul Brent Metcalf

Hi Paul,

I think tools like the Graver-Max (I prefer Steve Lindsays
Airgraver) are useful, but they are what I would consider luxury
items. If you’re learning how to set, it’s more useful (and cheaper)
to do it by “hand” using gravers (scorpers) and flex shafts with the
required burs. I think you’ll get a better feel for setting that way.
Really, I primarily use the Airgraver to cut vintage looking hand
engraved detail onto rings, etc. I still use hand gravers for pave’
and bead setting even though I have the Airgraver at hand.


I use a GraverMax and more importantly a good microscope. I’m
constantly fixing loose stones set by more traditional means.