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Stone setting with "Badeco"

I had a real "hammer’ day today, setting Princess diamonds, tapered
baguettes, Emeralds, gypsy(flush) diamond setting while in Platinum,
all with my trusted “friend”. Its called the Badeco hammer. The best
piece of equipment ever made! no, I don’t get any commission on this
article, but with the ‘tension’ turned down to the lightest possible
’touch’ you can adjust the “impact” on hammering and can set just
about any stone except opal, turqouise, coral, pearl or any other soft
stone. The reason being, is that in the inside of this great machine
is a steel hitting anvil. As in other kinds of hammers, there are only
plastic internal anvils. and they can wear out and overheat!!! I am
not sure of the true name of this “anvil”, but suffice to say, the
damn thing works! I paid over $350.00, inc.taxes, (Canadian) and its
worth every darn penny! mine comes with a flex-shaft, and I encourage
everyone to buy this, you won’t be sorry!..:>) gerry, the