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Stone setting with a pearl


I have a fresh water pearl is okay to make a pearl setting and ring


I believe everyone is waiting for a better question. Freshwater pearls hold up in jewelry, just like saltwater pearls. Is that what you are asking?


Would i have to wrap the pearl like i would a diamond setting


For soldering


You need to complete all soldering and then glue the pearl to the post. If it is a repair, I believe you need to remove the pearl.


Aloha Sunday! Due to my limited budget I have only used freshwater pearls for years and I set them many different ways like any gemstone, I do buy higher grade fw pearls and continue to be amazed at their beauty! I have bezel set many and have had no problem with durability, hope this helps, angi in hana


hi sunday, yes, as with anything u set, pearl, diamond, or a rock, u have to secure whatever u are setting, whether u bezel set, prong set etc. aloha, angi