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Stone setting class on the cheap

I replied to a question of someone wanting to have some private
lessons in stone setting a few days ago. I replied and the answer
was returned “I can’t afford you…” The rate of pay was never even
discussed, pity! Where can anyone find a class “on the cheap” to
cover all of the necessary ‘tools’ in learning a life-long skill in
setting? Colleges in Toronto charge about $ 850.00 for 35
hours…PLUS tools and PLUS specialy ordered mountings. Can anyone
show me such a “setting school” that teaches a new skill, and
"one-on-one training, too boot?..just curious…Gerry Lewy!

Can anyone show me such a "setting school" that teaches a new
skill, and "one-on-one training, too boot?...just curious... 

You right of course that in todays economy private instructions are
prohibitively expensive. However, there is an answer to this problem.
I recently started a blog on my website with the idea to provided
education in jewellery techniques, but to make advertises pay for it.
Obviously, it is not a substitute for one-on-one instructions, but
can be a viable alternative for someone in restrained financial

Leonid Surpin

The response should not be “I can’t afford you”, it should be “I
can’t afford NOT to!” In this economic climate, knowledge is money. I
had Gerry come across the country to give myself and my staff a 3 day
seminar. I have been setting for 25 years, and still learned a thing
or two. The results and returns from those 3 days, which I thought
were very fairly priced, has beed phenoninal! I am a firm believer in
fact that there is no majic in things, be it jewellery, diamonds, or
education…quality costs, and quality pays!