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Stone setting burs

Hi All,

I need your help. Since I am an academically trained metalsmith and
not a stone setter, I need some assistance from all you stone
setters out in Orchid land. Mostly, clear definitions of what the
enclosed list of burs do. I’m sure there are thousands out in
Orchidland that are just as confused as myself.

If you set stones, and don’t see the bur you use, please add it to
the list and tell me why.

  1. What do you use the bur for?

  2. What alloy do you like the best, i.e. High speed steel,
    titanium nitride, tungsten vanadium, etc. and why.

Round bur
Bud Bur
Hart Bur
Cone Bur
Setting Bur
Inverted Cone Bur
Krause Bur
Cup Bur
Wheel Bur

Thanks to all of you!

Jocylin Cohen
Earthspeaks designs
Bondi - Sydney - Australia

Dear Jocylin and all on Orchidland…!

Here is my version of the needed burs I constantly use, sit back and
read. Round Burs ! Used for basically everything, such as preparing
an exact opening for Melee’s for bead setting! I also grind off half
of the larger round burs as to this shape>>> )=== and grind and
make a seat in the bezel for the Cabochon stone.

Bud burs ! I use these as a mini-file. Inside of baguette boxes. As
well as initiating a 156C H.S.steel bearing cut for RBC stones!

I will also use this shape of bur, for setting larger diamonds, if
the “girdle” is thick. I will then use a #005>#006 to facilitate the
thick girdle inside of the bearing cut/groove! It works nicely and
makes a great little tool for you!

Cup Burs ! For rounding off of claws of ANY size! I use this also
for small “Gypsy” settings and a large cup bur will finish off the
top of the setting evenly, all around. Why use a large file if the
Cup burs work just as fast!

Hart shape bur a.k.a.“156-C” preparing a seat for small diamonds!
Also used in seats for Gypsy Setting. I also use these great little
labour saving devices in making a seat for “side-by-side” bead
setting of stones. I use this method in allowing stones to be set at
THE SAME LEVEL. A little groove is made inside of the opening and
allowing the stone to site flat, straight, and at the same level …it
works like a…“gem”

High Speed Steel-90degree angle, I use these also as a “file”, for
the Pavilion of diamond to sit against in the metal claw. I use many
sizes of these burs. They do not have the tendency to burn as fast of
the regular steel burs being sold. I prefer to use the 90 deg angle
instead of the 70 angle. The 70 degree angle burs are too shallow and
do not have the same shape as a properly cut diamond/stone.

Remember, is not the variety of burs to make your job easier, it is
making a better use of those burs that you have on hand. One word…
“MODIFY”…“Gerry, the Cyber-Setter!”