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Stone setting and goldsmithing book?


i’m looking to buy a book on goldsmithing that covers everything,&
has excellent how to info & photos etc,on stone setting in its
various i’m travelling around at the moment i dont want to
have a library of books with me.

i have these two books in mind, the theory & practice of
goldsmithing,by dr erhard herphol, & professional goldsmithing by
alan revere.

regarding mostly stone setting,but also? other goldsmithing skills
which would you recommend?

also is there one dvd that covers all the stone setting techniches
that is recommended?


brephol = yes…The Theory and Practice of Goldsmithing by Dr. Erhard
Brepohl Translated by Charles Lewton-Brain - Edited by Tim McCreight

oppi untracht’s:Jewelry Concepts and Technology by Oppi Untracht
heavy,but available on disc. revere’s book, lacking but new,and
useful in many ways

carles codina-1st book, published 2000,title escapes me at the
moment euro perspective,great technical info shrouded in his strange
design idiosyncracy’s…

'arte Orafa: The art of goldsmithing in the history and customs of
(Hardcover) by NINO D’ANTONIO (Author)

Harold O’Connor (Author) about 1965-60…good solid reference,
travels well!!!

Depends on how much quality info on stone setting you want, the most
specific and comprehensive are three books by Wooding, Diamond
Setting, Bead Setting diamonds, and Channel Setting Diamonds.
Pictures, tool preperation, ect

Richard Hart

I own LOTS of books. None cover every technique or skill. Every book,
class or video teaches you something new, something useful that you
either never thought of before, or maybe that you had known but
overlooked. I find that even going back into a book I’ve owned
forever often gets me to rethink some approach, or technique. I
highly recommend 2 videos by Blaine Lewis of the New Approach School
in Virginia. I found them very l, even after setting for
30+ years, as they helped me both sharpen some my of existing skills
and explore some different methods of attacking projects. These two
videos cover prong setting fancy shapes, which applies to all shapes,
and flush setting rounds and fancies. They are not the end all, be
all, so that you will never need to learn any more, but they cover
some very good techniques and tools that I personally found extremely
good, and will be a great help for some one just starting to set, who
wants to really do it right.

I looked through my copy of Alan Revere’s "Professional Goldsmithing"
quickly. There is nothing there that details stone setting (I believe
he deals with this subject in other books of his). I am not familiar
with the book by Herphol. As for DVDs - get the stonesetting DVDs
from Blaine Lewis of the New Approach School for Jewelers. He
probably sells them direct, but they are also available from Rio

Sandi Graves, Beadin’ Up A Storm
Stormcloud Trading Co (Beadstorm)
Saint Paul, Minnesota USA