Stone setter needed! can live anywhere usa!


I have a store and a line of high end silver jewelry. I am looking
for someone to flush set stones for me. The setter I use know is okay
but he really beats the hell out of 80% of my pieces I have him flush

I have precious and semi precious stones flush set. Most setters
where I live will not flush set in silver (snobs!!) If you are
interested, please send me an email telling me your price structure
and where you live. I will overnight work to you. I am looking for
someone who is a little neater and who would clean up any nicks they
might inflict in a piece .

Take care everybody and I look forward to hearing from you!


Sounds like you need an experienced polisher… hammer sets are that,
but the guy must not have the right tools or the profit margin is not
enough for him to finish polish.

John Henry

Re: John on setting, How in blazes can a guy/gal say that they are
setter, in general, if they dont have the right tools. I, for one,
spend about $4,000 in setting tools alone PER YEAR! Every kind of
tools are at my disposal. Just bought a “micro-motor” from Fordeom,
with a motor handpiece. The cost? forget it! its worth it if you have
the right tools. My burr stock alone is worth over $2,500+ “no tools,
not getting the work done!” I have to be ready and able to set just
any kind of stone when given to me. Platinum, 18kt, etc’s yeah, tell
the client I don’t have the right tools! see how long you’ll stay in
business for? I have also “back-up tools”, 3 motors, 5
older-handpieces, 4 hammers, 2 regular daytime regular handpieces,
should I keep on? gravers galore of every style!!..:>) just sounding
off here…:>) gerry, the cyber-setter / teacher / maven / orator /
writer / ?

In Response: So what? Your skill is more in your hands than it is in
your tools. all the docents ( people with more dough than sense) can
claim anything! I am very comfortable in my $40,000 shop. My
gavermaster makes short work of most settings. I go to the mountains,
find my stone, dredge my gold, cut the stone,make the alloy, cast or
fabricate the finding, set, polish, and sell it myself! How many can
make that claim? It is not what you have, it’s the
finished product that counts!..John “the Ringman” henry