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Stone re-cutting question

I am looking an experienced gem cutter to re-cut a very nice
sapphire. It is a natural pastel pink, over 4 carats, oval, and is
currently a characteristic somewhat off center, slightly bowed native
cut. In addition, it has a few small inclusions near the surface that
could be eliminated with good cutting. Overall, it could be a great
stone if cut properly.

I am in the Seattle area - someone local would be ideal, but any
is welcome.


Alan, Stone recutting is a losing situation for a stone cutter. To
maximize the weight , brilliance, and salability of a stone a cutter
must be very talented. Sort of like the master metalsmith in your
shop. Recutting should be the most expensive work that a cutter
does. Why? Because recutting requires the most expertise and
experience. Recutting takes an unsalable stone and makes it readily
salable at a much higher price. So the cutter loses the increased
value of the stone plus the possibility of the sale of the stone he
did not cut. For example your sapphire once recut will sell for
about 4-5 times what you paid for it. In the same time I could cut
another stone that I could sell for that 4-5 times what I paid for
it, The cutter loses. Recutting is a service. I do Recutting and
repairs, but only for a select group of retailers that buy stones
from me. This service is not offered to everyone and is not
inexpensive. If you would like to pursue this, please contact me at
my email address.

Gerry Galarneau

Hi Alan, I would try True Colors, Inc they are in Seattle and have done
good work for me in the past.

good luck,