Stone picker-upper…wax stick…


by chance, i ran across this website that i had not seen before:

and saw 2 interesting stone picker-upper sticks…implements if you will…and was wondering if anyone has tried them and gad any feedback…

when working with really small stones…ie: 1.5mm…i find that my wax-on-a-toothpick still seems to leave alot annoying wax residue…i have the lick-the-stick method as well, but with little success…

so i am always on the lookout for a better option…

at one time i was looking into the vacumn-picker-upper type unit…but never bought one…


Julie, I have used the following, probably from Rio or Otto Frei, supposedly good ‘forever’. They worked nicely for a while, then lost their stickiness. Basically I’m posting this as a save-your-money caution. I doubt anything is going to stay permanently sticky.

The best solution I have found so far is to use glue-stick glue, either on a toothpick or on some tool like the above. Glue-stick is very sticky, and it washes off with water.

Neil A


Hi Neil!

thanks for the caution. i will try the glue stick idea!

i wish i could figure out what the stone setters i see on youtube are using…probably spit!…on what looks like a briken bur tip…flattened…i like being able to push the stone with the stick after placement.


I use museum wax rolled up into a pointed shape.

I glue Swarovski crystals - hundreds of them each year - onto Christmas tree ornaments and use polymer clay rolled into a point. It leaves no residue, but you do have to work it a bit to get it soft enough to form. I tried modeling clay and wax, but both left residue.

Glue-stick glue is …sticky. Use a second toothpick (or other tool) to separate the stone from the sticky one and press your stone in place. I use a round toothpick with an end cut off to have a wider, flat contact area for pressing. Other tools would work, but a truncated wooden toothpick isn’t going to harm a stone.

Neil A

I aways use a little ball of Quakehold (or Museum Putty) on the flat end of a toothpick. Doesn’t leave much residue and lasts forever till it gets too dirty, then I put another ball on. Can get it on Amazon for $3.97.




thanks to all for your great suggestions!


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