Stone in Place Casting Problem

Hi Everyone, I just cast my first wax piece with stones in place -
there are 6 little cz stone flush / burnish set into the surface. It
came out almost perfect, however, one of the stones is plated with
silver. I imagine there was an air bubble or something over the
outside of the stone leading to the thin layer of silver coating it.

Anything I can do to remove the silver? Someone suggested coating
most of the ring with nail polish and using nitric acid to dissolve
off the silver but this sounds a little scary to me. I am more
comfortable trying to polish it off using flex shaft and silicon
wheels. Any suggestions?

Much thanks!
Marlow Designs

Molly; I sell jewelers tools, and so you will know Silicone softies
use silicon Carbide as the abrasive it is a 9.5 in hardness,
Diamonds are a 10.0 in hardness so unless these are diamonds in this
ring I would not recommend your proposed method of removing the
flash you have on the stone. As it will surely abrade the finish on
the stone. The pink polish wheels in silicone softies is cerium oxide
filled. Art