Stone Identification Charts

Dear Ron - I am sorry you wasted your time for the “Jewelry show
” at the Monterey fair grounds that one show is a commercial*"*
gimmick show a take off of the “San Mateo” jewelry gem show - I
agree it was sad - altough I got some great tools at a good
price, also some nice faceted stones the rest of the show was
abust as far as I was concerned. If you want to see a good show
try the Santa Cruz gem & Mineral show all run by the gem club
locals including me - Lots of rocks & good displays, it is the
last wk end in april - then The Carmel Valley Gem & Mineral Soc.
show is the last wk of September - both clubs put on a good show,
lots of good exhibits, rough rocks, slabs, & some good dealers,
in fact dealers are allways trying to get into our shows, also
high participation of the locals - I call these shows “True Gem
& Mineral shows” I guess if you see the words"Gem & Mineral
attached to the show - means it is run usually by the “Calif.
Federated Mineralogical & Gem Soc.” - not by some comercial,
moneymaking, grubbing group! Hope you give our area another
chance - Yes I do know where Morrow Bay is, I used to get abloni
there - beautiful coast - Aileen