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Stone casting in wax

I was once setting for a local Toronto mfg’r and they had this wax
setter sitting all day and setting up his waxes. All 10 carats of.01
pointers claw, channel all the usual items before the Xmas season.
After tree’ing up the wax rings so nicely he gave all of the wax
trees to this caster in the back of the shop. When he did all of the
regular casting and he then made notes of which flasks contained the
diamonds in which flask…so far so good,eh?

When he was doing his casting one day after his lunch, and he shot
the gold. Without thinking he quickly dropped his many newly hot
flasks into cold water without thinking of their ‘diamond contents’.
You should have heard the blasphemy that then ensued, the air was
turning blue by the second…:slight_smile: A whole weeks work of wax stone
setting gone!!

We all wondered what happened. He quickly ruined over 1000+ diamonds
in just those few minutes. We all thought he had a heart-attack at
that moment.

Gold and diamonds were so much cheaper in those days, thankfully!..

Gerry Lewy