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Stone carver in SF Bay Area

Dear Orchidians, I have a friend who has a nice specimen 15cm by 20cm
of 2-3 cm garnet crystals in a schistose matrix. One of the crystals
is half exposed on the front of the specimen. My friend would like a
heart intaglio carved around the crystal, rather like a dish or
corona, and have the heart lined with silver. Nice idea! Does anyone
know anyone in the SF Bay Area who might do this work. I think it
could be sent out of the area too. Cheer! Lucy Ludwig

Hi Lucy,

If no-one turns up locally, I can do it, carving, silverwork, the
whole thing. You can check some of my stones at Carol Bova’s site,; click on “showcase” and then on the “Hans
Durstling Gallery”. The last stone at the bottom of the page is a
somewhat similar carving of Bay of Fundy amethyst in its natural
jasper matrix.

Hans Durstling
Moncton, Canada

you could call the san francisco gem & mineral society- there on
judah st. chances are someone there will be more than willing to do
the work.

good luck,

Lucy - Take a look at the following web site. Simon Muscat is a
wonderful stone carver. He lives here in San Diego.

Steven Brixner Design - San Diego CA USA