Stolen Designs

I love this website.I love jewelry.I also love to sew…I learned to
sew because I wanted to create,to have the ability to reflect
self-expression in my designs,and also to follow fashion styles
yet be economical.I’m learning art metal and jewelry for some of the
same reasons.

I don’t know if I will ever turn my skills into a business,but I am
having a crisis of conscience here!I would never intentionally steal a
design.That is not only a matter of legal ramnifications,but of
personal morals and ethics.However,I am definitely influenced to
desire certain styles in clothing fashion and jewelry that I see.

Is it wrong of me to want to make a ‘station’ necklace or a band ring
with gypsy set diamonds?Since these designs have become so
fashionable,is each variation a copyright infringement?There are many
derivatives that can probably get around copyright laws but are
ultimately created because people want to own them.

Consequently,should jewelry designers consider the lucrative
compromise that the fashion designers have by retailing their
patterns?I don’t mean waxes,rather modified instructions ,creating a
symbionic relationship with small business jewelers.I would love to
see an end to “shopping channel” poorly molded stolen designs and

I think that a system like that would educate the public.There will
always be people who can afford the designer’s original,but instead of
the inevitable creation of similar pieces,there would be more
recognition and credit(not to mention licencing fees)going to the
original inventor. Thanks for any feedback.Sincerely (a 6 month new
member,passionate jewelry lover,novice jewelry student,former
lurker) Agnes Salvalaggio