Stock ingots

Sometimes when I’m doing casting, be it in gold, platinum or silver,
I’ll add wax rods to the flasks of models or even run a flask of
various sizes of wax rods. This way, I don’t have to pour wire ingots
and worry about spills, backflashes or dimpled rods. The cast rods are
nice, smooth and dense. I roll them through the mill to compress them.
Then I anneal them and draw them. I sometimes even include pieces of
wax sheet in my casting flasks to get sheet ingots. Casting ingots is
quite a time saver since I’m casting anyway. And it certainly is nice
not to bash round platinum buttons. Donna

P.S. Cynthia, you’re forgiven. Like Peter, I would be happy to test
the wheels and I’m sure I could get feedback from colleagues at work.

Hi Donna, your suggestion for casting sheet and wire sounds great.
How do you sprue the sheet and wire waxes, and also, do you place
them vertically, or horizantally in your investment. Also what
gauges of sheet and wire do you prefer when casting? Would
appreciate more detail, as this seems like a feasible method of
getting sheet and wire closest to the eventual size one
needs. Less rolling and drawing. . Thanks Alma