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Stingray leather cording

Does anyone have a recommendation for purchasing small quantities of
stingray leather cording in the U. S. I’ve found a company in
Liechtenstein called Leo Components, but I’d prefer to purchase in
the U. S. if possible.

If anyone has purchased from Leo Components before, I’d like to hear
your experience.

Thank you,
Bonnie Cooper


you might find something at endlessleather online shop. I attached
the link for you:


Downeast Trading has stingray in 16 and 18" lengths.


I’ve been looking for the suede pieces shown on this site. Have you
ordered from them? Since they are in Germany, how long does shipping
take? Or maybe there is a U. S. distributor?

Thanks, MA

Thanks, Susan. I’ll give Downeast a try. I know that they have some
beautiful chains which I’ve purchased in the past. great quality.

I should have also mentioned that I’m hoping to find unfinished
cording as I plan to make my own metal end caps and clasps.


haven’t ordered from them but I’m working for

We have quite a few customers in the US and are Member of the MJSA.
Shipping time depends on the shipping method and can take 1-3 weeks.
There are no US Distributors yet.

If you have further questions don’t hesitate contacting me.

Best regards