Still learning to use Continuum, but love the metal

My latest project in Continuum silver (18K/Palladium) bezel

finishing to remove the surface scale has been the greatest challenge




Just love that style and the use of those diamonds, congratulations.

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Thank you so much for your kind comment … The Continuum silver feels so much like a gold alloy and using it to set stones is a real treat!

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I love setting in C. i can set in prongs and bezels all day but my husband is an accomplished pave and bead setter. He’s far more skilled at that than I sure am. He looked up at me on his first bead setting in Cont. and said “I can raise beads as high as a fence post in this stuff ! And best of all it doesn’t drag and get sticky like platinum.” Attached find a copy of a Cont. pin in white and black diamonds that I made and he bead set. it was a copy of the logo for an auction item for a local performing arts group’s annual fundraiser.

In the image you can see just how black it can be oxidized. I used heated gel liver of sulfur.


So amazing Joe and Timothy! Happy to see you on this forum