Still having problems with my torch set up - Help!

I bought a reconditioned everflo oxygen generator. I have a smith little torch with paige tool tips. I bought a 1 pound propane cylinder (blue), the smith regulator for said cylinder and the flashbacks from little smith for the disposible tank. I had gotten from AIR GAS the exact accomodation for the oxygen generator to hook up to the little torch. All sounds good right? So I get a nice flame, but as soon as I open the oxygen (even at the tiniest setting) the gas blows out. At first I thought it was a problem with the everflow so I had them take it back and give me another. Same problem with the new one. Here’s the visual set up (ignore the mess please.). What am I doing wrong? Sorry - can’t seem to upload anything here. Any thoughts on the oxygen blowing out the flame?


so when you mention “opening the oxygen to the tiniest setting, are you referring to the green knob on the torch? or the psi/lpm setting on the oxygen concentrator… ?


Either - I tried it using the green torch knob only slightly open, and I tried it with the oxygen generator ball at 1 1/2. Both ways it blows out the propane. There’s no way for me to get the oxygen to mix with the propane without it blowing out the propane.

Which tip are you using? The smaller ones can be more sensitive.

Also, have you tried adjusting the propane to a lower (smaller) flame before adding the oxygen?

Neil A

I’m using number three page tip. The propane won’t stay on whether it’s a little oxygen or a lot. I start with a large propane flame it doesn’t seem to matter it’s still goes out.

Long ago in a place far from Florida, I made my own clothes. I used a gizmo like this, to sharpen my scissors after my husband would use them on paper. This is a plastic one, I had a metal one, but same principal.

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…perhaps try with the #7 tip first…it can be dialed up or down and is very versatile…and then work your way down the tip sizes…as you get a feel for things

…i rarely need to use smaller than #4…



The small propane disposable tanks are at a lower pressure than the larger ones. The flashback on that tank further restricts the pressure. If you were using disposable oxygen and propane, the flashback regulators would be matched. I think the problem is that you have so greatly reduced the pressure from your propane tank that it can’t match the pressure from your oxy generator… So, I suggest to remove the backflow restrictor from your propane disposable and try it. Barely crack open the oxygen on your torch, then add gas and light. Be careful.

I suggest to remove the backflow restrictor

Sorry, I disagree. I’m using a 1 lb. propane tank with standard backflow / flame arrestor and have no problems whatsoever. If You see Rob Meixner’s tank setup on his website, he has the same setup. It works.

Neil A

I start with a large propane flame

Use the largest tip you have, use a smaller flame.

Turn your oxygen machine down to the very lowest setting, raise it gently.

You have three variables here all at once - tip size, amount of propane, oxygen pressure from machine. Lots of combinations. Go with largest tip, stay with it, use modest propane flame, add modest oxygen, tweak those until you get a handle on things. Once you know the balance between amount of propane and setting on your oxygen machine you can transfer that down to smaller tips.

Neil A

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Like Neil said, there are many variables and no two setups are alike. You have to experiment. One thing that hasn’t been suggested is that both hoses may need a little purging of air until the right gas reaches the torch. When I first open my propane regulator after a period of time not using my torch, I have to open the gas valve on the torch and let it run for a couple seconds before propane actually reaches the tip. What the OP describes will happen on my torch if I try to light it right away. Why the propane bleeds away is a bit of a mystery. I suspect that it has to do with the fact that my Little Torch is probably 40 years old and I should at least replace the hose set. I use #2 and #3 Paige Tips as well as the MX melting tip. As long as I crack the propane valve on the torch, light it, then crack the O2 valve and get a stable flame, I can adjust it any way I want until I reach the maximum O2 flow point. O2 is the limiting variable on my setup. Good luck and keep us posted…Rob

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Celia, here are pictures with my Paige #3 tip:

Propane only, flame 4 1/2 inches long.

Compare the flame length to a ruler, dial it down to 4 1/2 inches of very fluttery flame.

Here’s the oxygen setting on my generator:

Note that it is under 2 LPM. I started lower, raised it as the flame improved till i got this:

I hope this helps.

Neil A


That’s what I was going to suggest as well. Try a bigger tip, like a #6 or #7 and see if the same thing happens.

The #3 tip is the smallest tip that Little Torch recommends with propane. Like the #1 and #2 tips, there is a tiny orifice is drilled through synthetic ruby for the #3. For that size tip, you just need a small amount of propane and oxygen mixture. Because the #3 tip is so finicky with Oxy-Propane, like others are recommending, I rarely use less than the #4 with Oxy-Propane.

I’ll be honest, this is the first time that I’ve ever heard of someone using an oxygen generator made for human breathing needs with a torch, so I Googled it to see what the specs are. It looks like your Everflo Oxygen Generator measures in LPM, Liters Per Minute, vs PSI, Pounds per Square Inch, which most torches in the USA, like the Little Torch use.

From what I’m reading your Everyflo Oxygen Generator is generating 5 LPM or 10 PSI.

I went to the Little Torch owner’s manual. It says that the pressure setting for both Fuel and Oxygen with the #3 tip is 4 PSI. Even with the #7 tip, recommended PSI for both Fuel and Oxygen is 8 PSI.

Another thing maybe, is if you’re sure that you figured out that your pressures with LBS vs PSI are correct, then maybe there is an oxygen surge when you initially crack open the oxygen valve. If you think that might be the case, then before you light your torch be sure that you’ve purged your lines of air and that in the propane line there is only propane and that in the oxygen line there is only oxygen.

Again, the #3 Little Torch tip with Oxy-Propane is very finicky. Try a bigger tip and work your way down from there. That was good advice that Julie suggested.

Hope that helps!!


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Sorry! I didn’t catch that this is with Paige Tips for the Little Torch! Not original Little Torch Tips.

Judy - I tried it with and without the backflash on either one. The result is the same. The propane goes out. I’ll try a larger tip next.

Thanks for the visuals!


The number four page tip works the best - it’s a flame that’s 2" long with very little oxygen. At least I have that. Will keep working on it!

Thanks everyone for your help! You brought me over!


Awesome news!! Sorry I wasn’t more help!

I’m so curious about your everflo oxygen generator. I want to learn more about that! Is it really a medical oxygen generator or did Google steer me down the wrong path?

Again, congratulations on solving your torch riddle!


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Here are photos of the model. Quiet. I followed Leslie Kail Villanueva (sp?) online conversion for Little torch. I will use flashback arrestors.

Hello Celia,
I too, switched to an O2 generator (EverFlo). After much fiddling and futzing, I discovered that if I turned the generator on first and let it run for a few minutes to kinda’ get a steady flow, then turned on the gas I could light the torch.

It seems to be a balancing act - the generator is on the lowest setting (0.5 lpm) and the Oxy knob on the torch is only open enough that the generator stops beeping. Initially the gas knob is open pretty wide, so the flame is large. Then it’s a matter of backing down the gas to shrink the flame. From then on, the flame can be adjusted by the controls on the torch.
I’m re-reading this and realize it’s rather incoherent. Hope it might offer you some ideas though. BTW I’m using Natural Gas (about 1/4 pound pressure).

Keep on experimenting. You’ll get it.
Judy in Kansas, where we’ve been cheering on the K-State basketball team, who are going to the Sweet Sixteen!!

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