Sterlium plus

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Sterlium Plus is another name for the S57NA alloyed sterling. We
have been using it in my studio for over 5 years, and we love it. So
you are asking for tech tips for working on Sterlium ( S57NA alloyed
sterling)? There is nothing special you’ll need to know about working
with this sterling, as it is practically the same in nearly all
conditions as regular sterling. However, you will find the fire scale
issues are much less, it holds a polish much longer before
tarnishing, and comes out of a casting clean and white, rather than

Oh, and when it is heated, it does NOT become brittle, and it fuses
really well.

Jay Whaley

Hello Jay,

Thanks for the info on Sterlium.

I make head pins by balling the end of a wire. How does Sterlium
behave when the end of a wire is melted. Does it ball up nicely or
does is sort of slump?

Thanks for sharing your experience.
Judy in Kansas, and hi to Terrie

Sterium Plus casting grain and fabricated products are available at
United PMR Inc and Stuller Inc. S57NA master alloy for silver is
available at United PMR Inc.

Jim Sivertsen
United Technical Dept.