Sterling Vs. De-Ox Silver

I must have missed the original message referring to de-ox silver.
Would someone be so kind to explain the difference between sterling
and de-ox silver. Thank you for a great forum! Ron

Hi Ron

De-ox silver has the same silver content as traditional sterling
(92.5%). Traditional sterling is alloyed with copper, whereas de-ox
contains other metals. I’ve been told Aluminum is one of them. In one
posting cadmium was mentioned, but I don’t believe that reputable
companies such as Rio Grande would refrain from disclosing this, if
it were present in their formula. It’s possible that different
dealers have different formulas though. I’m certainly going to ask!
The advantage of De-ox over sterling is that it doesn’t tarnish nor
develop firescale to any significant degree.

Tom Tietze, Artisan Workshop