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Sterling trophy in my shop for restoration


Below is a sterling trophy in my shop for restoration. I had a
sudden impulse to set it up in my photo area and take a shot.


My Photo Area
Taking a good picture inexpensively.


Hi Jeffrey,

Cool photo setup. Mind a suggestion?

I do mine in a cube tent, not open like yours, at least normally. To
get around the ‘black stripe’ effect that you’re getting in the
front, I sewed up a white nylon ‘funnel’ that rubber-bands around
the nose of my lens, and then sticks to the edges of the open face
of my cube. All I get is a black circle that’s reasonably easy to
retouch away. Leave it long enough that you can pull away to the max
focal length of your longest lens. (Unless that’s something absurd)
You can always take in a reef or two on it if you’re closer. It
wouldn’t be hard to improvise a similar funnel to close out the open
area on your setup.

Take it for what it’s worth.



What a simple setup with such an excellent result! Thanks for



I’ve been struggling with this same issue myself, and finally broke
down and bought “Photo Studio In A Box” on Amazon, which I have yet
to use other than for practice, but I found it on sale, marked down
from $120 to $39.95, including decent lights w/ limber adjustable
stands, a nice little tripod, fabric diffusers 3 sides & top, plus 4
assorted colored backdrop. It all folds neatly into the nylon
carrying case, also included.

However, your image is perfect, used recycled on hand items items,
and required no 5 day wait for shipping. There is a bit of lens
reflecting in the trophy, but that could be easily resolved by moving
the camera down to the shaded area of the engraving. And the big
shot showing the whole set up is super. All in all a lovely job,
thank you for sharing!

Happy Thanksgiving to all…

Sharon M Thompson
Sanford, Florida


Hello Brian and others,

That image was by far the best I have taken to date. I will continue
to develop better techniques for better outcomes. I like not having
to use gradated paper to achieve the dark background.

Thanks for the suggestions,

Jeff Herman