Sterling Silver Mellon beads

I recently had a request to make silver beads that look like the
bone shape used in Native American bone chokers. Or they are also
called Hair Pipe. The closest thing I can think of would be Mellon
Beads. The person requesting this wants them 2", talked about
ordering in quantity, up to 50.

I’ve never seen any silver beads elongated like bone, similar to
Mellon Beads, that are 2". Does anyone have any ideas? It would be
a lot cheaper for her to buy them ready made, or for me to buy and
them resell them to her than for anyone to make them.

Also, on Tuquoise & Silver Necklace…If you want authentic Native
American work, buy from the individual Indian jeweler, or go to an
Indian Market, where you have to have Indian paperwork before being
juried into that particular Indian Market. Of course, an excellent
source is IACA (Indian Arts & Crafts Association) out of
Albuquerque. They have a website. You have to have Indian
paperwork before you can join this organization and then you have to
be sponsored into it. My husband and I are members.

Sharon Perdasofpy

If you are good at hammering, you could make this long oval shape by
making spiculums. This is a form developed by Heikki Seppa and is in
his book, Form Emphasis for Metatalsmiths. This is an old book but
still excellent.

Marilyn Smith